Protein that's actually good for your body

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    21g of Protein Per Serving

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    Organs Complex, Collagen, & Colostrum

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    Whey FREE, pure & clean protein


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    Easy-To-Digest, Bloat-FREE Protein

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    9 Essential Amino Acids To Build Muscle

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    Keto, Paleo, & Carnivore Friendly

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The only protein with no bloating

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    Cheap Ingredients
    Premium Sourced Protein
    No Organs
    Organs & Collagen
    Lots of Sugar
    No Bloating
    70+ Processed Ingredients
    5 Premium Ingredients
    Tastes Bad
    Tastes good
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Enjoy in three easy steps

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Fill your blender with 8 oz of water, milk, or liquid of choice.

The adaptability of Noble Origins ensures you can tailor your drink to suit your preference. It enhances the taste, making every sip a delightful experience.

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Add 1-2 scoops of Noble Origins Protein and blend.

The scoops make it simple to customize your protein intake for fitness goals. Each scoop delivers 21g of protein to support muscle development.

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Mix well and enjoy the gains!

The easy blend ensures a smooth texture and delicious flavor. Every sip becomes a moment of enjoyment on your journey to better health.

loved by thousands

can't get enough of Noble!

‘’ It's hands down the best protein I've ever tried. What makes it special for me is the noticeable impact on muscle development and overall well-being. The fact that it's free from unnecessary additives and fillers is a huge plus. Noble Origins is my secret weapon for achieving my fitness goals ‘’

Lucy H.

Where have you been all my life?

‘’ As someone who's tried countless protein brands, I can confidently say this is the best. The flavor options are incredible, and the texture is smooth and satisfying. What sets Noble apart is the visible impact it has had on my strength gains and recovery.

Oliver K.


  • What is beef protein isolate? 

    Beef protein isolate is a highly concentrated form of protein derived from beef. It is made by isolating the protein from beef through a process that removes fat, cholesterol, and other non-protein components. 

    The resulting product is a pure, high-quality protein powder that is rich in essential amino acids while also being highly bioavailable and gut friendly. 

    Each serving of our beef protein isolate contains just 85 calories and 21g of protein!

  • How should I take Noble? 

    Noble can be used in a number of different ways to help you hit your nutritional goals!

    1 scoop of Noble only contains 85 calories but 21g of protein. This means that you can mix it with ice and water and have some light sustenance before a morning workout. 

    You can also make a post-workout smoothie with milk, frozen fruit, nut butter, and ice for a higher-calorie shake to replenish your body. 

    Customers also love to mix it with their yogurt to make an Ancestral chocolate or vanilla pudding! 

  • How much protein should I consume each day?

    Our recommendations are to consume 1 gram of protein per pound of ideal body weight. 

    For example, if you weigh 190 pounds you should be aiming for 190 grams of protein per day. 

  • Does Noble contain whey, casein, or lactose? 

    Noble uses Beef Protein Isolate as our protein source, which is completely whey-free. Noble does contain grass-fed bovine colostrum (the first milk of the mother cow), which does contain trace amounts of whey, casein, and lactose. 

    With that being said, we only include 25mg of colostrum per serving of Noble. A full serving of colostrum is 1G for reference. 

  • What is the Noble red bag for? 

    We currently offer three products at Noble: Our Nose-to-Tail Chocolate Protein (black bag), Nose-to-Tail Vanilla Protein (white bag), and our Organs Complex (red bag). 

    The Organs Complex is freeze-dried organs powder that contains a blend of five bovine organs: Liver, Heart, Kidney, Spleen, and Pancreas. 

    Our Nose-to-Tail protein powder contains a “micro-dose” of 250mg of organs total, which is less than a full serving of organs. Our organs complex contains a full serving of organs per serving, which is the equivalent of 6 organ capsules! 

    PRO TIP: We recommend making a smoothie with a serving of our protein powder and a serving of our organs powder for a full, nutrient-dense punch! 

  • Is your product third party tested? 

    Yes! Our product is regularly third-party tested by Analytical Resource Laboratories. Please email for documentation if you are looking to learn more. 

  • How many servings per bag?

    Noble Origins contains 30 servings of muscle-building beef protein per bag. Most customers use Noble Origins daily, meaning each container offers a month’s supply. With our subscription delivery services, you can get your monthly supply delivered to you automatically—and save 10% off your order.

  • How can I contact your support team?

    Our dedicated Customer Support team is here to help with any Noble questions you have. We are available 24/7 and can be reached by emailing 

Based on 118 reviews

Excellent company, service, and product! Love it and am a customer for life. Quality.

Best protein in the world and it’s not even close

Love both the vanilla and chocolate flavors and love all the benefits included in them.

Great taste, Ingredients are clean!

A+ Noticeable Difference

One of my favorite products I've ever taken. I feel a noticeable difference when I don't use for a few days in a row. Highly recommend to everyone.

Texture, flavor and all the nutrients - It’s perfect! Which is saying something in the landscape of so many protein powders out there

Tastes amazing and I love knowing it’s high quality nutrients, especially when my week is super busy and I’m on go all day! I have this to rely on

Absolute favorite protein powder

Easy Way To Consume Organs

I've been enjoying the organs complex. It's super convenient (compared to cooking raw organs), I add a scoop to a warm mug of bone broth every morning!

Love it! I’m currently pregnant and having a hard time getting enough protein. This one is easy to digest and blends well. The vanilla flavor is good. I’ve used it in smoothies and yogurt so far. Will definitely purchase again!

Highly Recommend

I purchased the Chocolate flavored protein and have absolutely loved it so far. Very easy to drink and tastes great as well. It’s a great way to get in all of your organs for the day and makes me feel great. I’m excited for when I finish this bag so I can try out the Vanilla flavor. Highly recommend!

So delicious! One of the best protein shakes I've ever had and it's pretty clean! Love this company, what it does, what it stands for, and will be a life long customer!

Not delicious, but I make a smoothie out of it and it’s tolerable

Tastes good and I feel great after a few weeks of drinking it!

I unfortunately don’t have access to raw milk but the kalona low temp milk from sprouts is pretty good to use. Definitely prefer the chocolate over the vanilla. Will definitely be buying again.

Taste great, mixes well. Wish it was a little cheaper is my only negative

Easy Animal Nutrition that Tastes Great

Absolutely love Noble Origins protein powder.

I'd been wanting to hop on the animal nutrition train for a while but wasn't about to start eating raw liver or ripping pills.

Nobles gives me all the benefits of organ complex and colostrum in one easy powder all with a better taste and better digestion than my previous daily whey protein shake

Delicious. Took 9 days of shipping to get to south Florida.

Incredible taste and have never felt better since switching to this product.

Great for shakes

My husband has been using the chocolate for his shakes. He adds yogurt, milk, peanut butter, banana and ice. It’s like drinking a meal and satisfies him for awhile.

Perfection in Powder Form

I was a little skeptical. Bounced around from powder to powder for years. Chasing ingredients, chasing flavor & chasing the ultimate in powdered nutrition.

Have totally found the total package with Noble Origins. Tip of spear flavor with fundamentally sound nutrition. Winner—Winner—Protein is for Dinner (and breakfast and lunch)!!

Bought Once, Then bought in bulk 30 days later

Idk how to describe it, but I just simply feel better taking this product. I'm sure it has to do with the actual ingredients that they make this with, but I'm not bloated, not depleted after workouts, i'm seeing strength go up while I'm feeling all around healthier. I started in November and since then I've refused to let myself get low on stock.

Great product

I’ve been enjoying Noble with a daily shake to get my days started. Tastes amazing and highly digestible compared to your traditional whey protein powder. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality protein supplement! Great job Noble.

The ONLY protein I’ll drink

First and foremost, there is no horrible feeling after drinking this because it’s not made with whey. No bloating means I can enjoy my chocolate milk thoroughly without worrying about after effects. Secondly, I refuse to eat organs because as amazing as they are for you, they mostly taste bad and the fact that I can drink my daily dose of organs as a chocolate milk, while also getting a huge dose of protein has made this a no-brainer staple in my daily diet.