The Noble Mission

Bring Nose-to-tail nutrition to the masses by making it simple and delicious.

Struggling with digestive issues? Colostrum, the first milk a lactating mother produces, could be your ticket to gut health.

This blog post will explore how this nutrient-rich substance boosts the immune system and promotes a healthy and balanced gut microbiome.
Stick around; you wouldn't want to miss out on achieving optimal gut health!"

“Regenerative agriculture implies more than just sustaining something but rather an active rebuilding or regeneration of existing systems towards full health. It also implies an open-ended process of ongoing improvement and positive transformation.”

Charles Massy


Ruminant animals are integral to a healthy ecosystem.

Pasture-raised beef can save the world by saving our soil.

We want to help that anyway we can.

Factory farming is an abomination.
Small farms are the future.

Respecting our soil and how it's treated is the way.

Every human we convert to animal-based is one step in the right direction: towards regenerative farming methods, humane animal treatment standards, and transparency and integrity in our food system.

That's the power of the consumer.

The Noble Story

How do we help people live better lives through animal-based nutrition? That's why we created Noble.

The Ancestral Mindset

We're big fans of the ancestral perspective on human health.

Understanding where we came from gives us clues about where we belong.

The modern environment is mismatched to our biology—the genes we inherited from our ancestors that adapted to the Wild for hundreds of thousands of years.

This mismatch is responsible for the health crisis modern humans face. It is found in every aspect of human life, from food, healthcare, longevity, education, relationships, and the rest.

At Noble, we're focused on bringing nose-to-tail nutrition to the masses by making it simple and delicious. We also hope to bring the ancestral mindset so people can start making simple lifestyle changes that will get them profound long-term results.

Animal-based nutrition

We've seen it in ourselves and with many others we've talked to and interviewed over the years—an animal-based eating plan works!

There are countless anthropological and paleoecological studies supporting this, not to mention the millions of "success stories" found in individuals who ignored the dogma (and their doctor's advice) to take their health into their own hands.

Finally, there's common sense—whole animals are the most nutrient-dense foods in nature, and that's precisely why our ancestors prized them so highly.

You don't have to look far to see the ravages of the Standard American Diet. This mostly plant-based processed food scam is responsible for more human death and suffering than anything in human history.

At this point, anyone who tries to deny these Truths is fooling themselves.

America needs a food revolution. It happens one healthier modern human at a time.