The Jordan Peterson Carnivore Diet (A Noble Case Study)


Does your current diet need to be improved to give you the energy and health benefits you're after? 

Jordan Peterson's carnivore diet could be a solution. This controversial yet compelling eating plan consists of solely consuming animal products, potentially resulting in improved health markers as researched by diverse scientific studies.


Dive in to explore more about this all-meat journey. (1)

Key Takeaways

  • The Jordan Peterson Carnivore Diet is a two-stage diet involving only animal products.
  • Stage I includes the consumption of steak, water, and salt. After at least two months, you can start Stage II and add greens to your meat-based meals.
  • The diet's benefits may include weight loss, sound sleep, and more daily energy.
  • Traditional societies like Maasai in East Africa and Inuits in the Arctic have lived on carnivore diets, showing that a healthy lifestyle is possible with such regimens.

What is the Jordan Peterson Carnivore Diet?

The Jordan Peterson Carnivore Diet is a controversial all-meat eating plan that consists of two stages: the first requires complete consumption of steak, water, and salt only, while in the second Stage, known as a Modified Carnivore Diet — meat and greens are reintroduced.

Stage I: Steak, Water & Salt

In Stage I of the Jordan Peterson carnivore diet, you commit to a simple regimen that includes steak, water, and salt. 

This phase lasts a minimum of two months, serving as an elimination period for your body.

Your diet will only feature fatty cuts of steak seasoned with generous amounts of salt and accompanied by plenty of water. 

With this approach, you're limiting consumption to purely animal products—a tactic dubbed 'resetting the body.' 

The goal here is not just consuming meat; it's about maximizing essential nutrients while eliminating carbs and potential irritants from plant-based sources in their entirety.

Stage II: Meat & Greens (Modified Carnivore Diet)

Stepping into Stage II of the Jordan Peterson carnivore diet involves more than just chewing on steak. 

At this phase, greens join your plate generously adorned with meat.

Harvard University researchers throw their weight behind diets like this one for their proven benefits - weight loss improved hypertension conditions related to diabetes symptoms get checked off improvement lists quite often. (2)

Introducing plants might raise eyebrows among purist carnivore dieters due to plant toxins that potentially fuel autoimmune disorders. (3)

However, a well-planned assortment of green vegetables can turn these potential foes into allies! 

With careful selection and proper preparation (think boiling), you could mitigate most of those concerns while giving your body a tapestry of nutrients it needs to include from being strictly meat-loving.

The stage lights shine on Jordan Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila as they champion this Modified Carnivore expedition towards better health outcomes. 

Their authentic testimonies reveal improvements in mood dramatically along with overall well-being, feeling recharged and energetic. 

All credit goes to their consumption balance between fatty meats and toxin-free greens.

It does seem like an adapted version at heart — high-fat, low-carb nourishment coupled with moderate protein enlightens keto-diet principles fused within our beloved carnivorous regimen here.

Managing variety within nutrition boundaries still holds prime importance; after all, we are modifying for healthier upgrades because what good is change if it isn't steering us toward wholeness?


Benefits of the Jordan Peterson Carnivore Diet

The Jordan Peterson Carnivore Diet boasts several potential benefits. 

You could see significant weight loss and fat reduction, enjoy sounder sleep, and boost energy levels during the day.

Anxiety levels might decrease noticeably while mental health improves overall. 

Your physical strength may increase, too, with some reporting improvements in oral health issues such as gum disease.

But remember, individual experiences may vary; it's essential to monitor your body's responses closely to ensure these benefits are not outweighed by any potential side effects or nutritional deficiencies that can occur without careful planning on a restrictive diet like this one.

Importance of Fat on the Diet

Fat plays a vital role in the carnivore diet. It is one of the primary energy sources, keeping you satiated for extended periods, regulating hormones, and helping with nutrient absorption. (5)

Harvard University researchers notably spotted benefits from high-fat diets, including weight loss, improved hypertension, and conditions relating to diabetes.

Interestingly, our ancestors thrived on fatty meats, which provided brain-specific nutrients and fueled cerebral growth over millions of years. 

High-quality animal fats grant essential fatty acids like omega-3s that support brain health, reduce inflammation, and improve cardiovascular wellness.

In this way, fat is not just permissible but necessary within the Jordan Peterson Carnivore Diet context.


Examples of Traditional Cultures Thriving on Carnivore Diets

Carnivore diets are not a new concept but have been part of human history in various cultures worldwide. 

Several traditional societies primarily subsisted on animal products and demonstrated superb health and vitality.

The Masai tribe of East Africa lived mostly on cattle blood, meat, and milk. They displayed excellent cardiovascular health despite an all-meat diet. (4)

Samburu people, also from Africa, heavily relied on nutrient-rich cow's milk as their primary food source and showed no signs of the diseases associated with Western high-carb diets.

Inuit communities in the Arctic thrived on a carnivore diet composed almost entirely of sea mammals and fish. 

This high-fat, low-carb diet provided just what their bodies required to withstand extreme temperatures.

Our cave dweller's ancestors survived by hunting mega-fauna for fatty bone meats. Human dietary evolution traces back to these hunters who mainly ate animal fats.


Should You Try the Jordan Peterson Diet?

Switching to the Jordan Peterson diet means stepping into a lifestyle where only animal-based products have a place on your plate. 

Testimonials of carnivore dieters boast marked health improvements, and the emerging research appears promising.

Nevertheless, a green light doesn't mean go for everyone. 

Before starting this dietary journey, weigh your nutritional needs and current health state.

The profound shift to consuming solely meats can initially trigger notable body changes. 

Gripes such as fatigue or cravings could surface initially, but these usually wane over time as your system adjusts.

The elimination stage typically stretches out for two months, after which you start reincorporating greens into your meals since prevailing concerns linger about long-term consumption patterns regarding plant toxins induction of autoimmune disorders.


The Jordan Peterson Carnivore Diet has certainly ignited passionate discussions. 

While many, like Peterson himself, have experienced transformative health benefits, others tread carefully, awaiting more scientific validation. 

As this diet gains traction, the unfolding narrative promises to be as compelling as the stories of its proponents.

At Noble Origins, our mission aligns with the pursuit of knowledge, well-being, and authenticity. 

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What is the Jordan Peterson carnivore diet? 

The Jordan Peterson carnivore diet is a strict regimen that involves consuming only animal products, primarily ruminant meat like beef, bison, lamb, and goat, along with salt and water. It eliminates all other food groups.

Who else follows this diet? 

Mikhaila Peterson, Jordan's daughter, is a notable follower of a similar diet. She consumes primarily beef, salt, and water without any deviations.

Does this strict dietary change have any health benefits? 

Advocates of the diet, including Jordan Peterson, claim it has helped them manage autoimmune disorders and improve overall health. Some even suggest it can aid conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

Are there potential side effects of the carnivore diet? While many report benefits like reduced anxiety and increased energy, there are concerns about potential nutrient deficiencies and the long-term impacts of such a restrictive diet.

How can one transition to this diet without feeling overwhelmed? 

Gradually reducing carbohydrate intake and increasing consumption of fatty meats can help the body adjust. Listening to one's body and consulting with a healthcare professional is essential.

What changes did Jordan Peterson experience after adopting this diet? 

Jordan Peterson has spoken about alleviating symptoms related to inflammatory responses and significant weight loss after adopting the diet. He emphasizes the importance of sticking strictly to the diet's guidelines for optimal results.

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