Why Our Children Are the Fattest in Recorded History

We have the fattest kids in recorded history. Here's why.


Our kids are the fattest they have ever been.

Out of 73 million US children:

  • 🔴 1 in 3 children (24 Million) are overweight or obese.

This generation may be the first generation estimated to not outlive their parents.

But Why?


The lunches we feed our kids in school are abysmal.

They are different combinations of processed foods: Sugars, Seed oils, and artificial flavors. 

These are the actual lunches they are serving in NYC schools.


One more example. Imagine trying to learn & be productive after eating this?


We are also pushing plant-based and fake meat commodities on our children. 

NYC has adopted Meatless Mondays and Vegan Fridays.

Let's take a look at said lunches. Nicely done @NYCMayor


We are feeding our kids way too much processed food.

67% of their total calories are coming from processed and ultra-processed foods. Whole, Unprocessed Foods only makes up 23% FYI.


We have allowed other companies to feed and cook for our children. 

These companies are publicly traded and will use the cheapest quality ingredients to maximize profits:

  • Refined sugars, seed oils, and other lab-grown products.

You would never use these in your kitchen.


In addition to this, we are cooking less and less of our meals.

The days of shared family meals and connection are being replaced with frozen-foods being eaten in the car.


52% of Americans believe it easier to figure out taxes than healthy eating habits 20% of all meals in the US are consumed in a vehicle.

The average US family eats out 5 times per week.

Our children are less active than ever before.

81% of global adolescents aged 11-17 were insufficiently physically active. 

This means they were not able to hit 1 hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity.

We have replaced playing outside with friends to playing on a screen.

Our kids are blasted with blue-light and rewiring their dopamine receptors towards technology.


The average child watches over 3 hours of television per day.

During that time, they will see 23 advertisements for foods high in Fat & Sugar.

Predatorial behavior. In addition, they will see 1,000 advertisements per year for just fast food products alone.


Fat parents create Fat children.

Statistics show that one overweight parents leads to a 50% increase in their child growing up to become overweight. 

When both parents are overweight, that number goes up to 80%.


It does not need to be this way. Take your child with you grocery shopping.

Show them how to shop in the outer perimeter where the real foods exist.


Bring them to the local farm and farmer's market with you so they can meet their farmer. 

Teach them the difference between "food" and a "product" (Food is a single ingredient as nature intended, Products come in a box and are processed).


You have a responsibility to improve your metabolic health for the sake of your family's future.

Thanks so much for reading - I hope you found this article helpful. 

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