These 5 Kitchen Essentials Will Level Up Your Cooking Game


These 5 kitchen essentials will take your cooking game to the next level.

And power your metabolic health.

The secret to making any diet become part of a sustainable lifestyle is very simple. 

Cook delicious food that you enjoy eating consistently.

Food that is bursting with flavor, beautifully seasoned, and fills your body with the macronutrients it craves.


The great news is that you do not need to go spend thousands of dollars on overpriced cooking gear & gadgets to achieve this.

This thread will focus on 5 staple items to keep in your kitchen that will help you prepare delicious gourmet meals at a moment's notice.

Quality salt

Ditch the iodized table salt and start experimenting with different types of real salt. 

Real salt has distinct properties that highlight certain flavors within our food.

It simply makes your food pop and taste better.

There are 11 types of salt we will highlight here that you can season your food with:
  1. Kosher
  2. Sea Salt
  3. Pink Himalayan
  4. Celtic Sea
  5. Fleur De Sel
  6. Kala Namak
  7. Flake Salt
  8. Black Hawaiian
  9. Red Hawaiian
  10. Smoked
  11. Pickling

All of these salts have different flavors, sizes, and textures. 

Some can be applied to meat prior to cooking and others can be used to "finish" with an add a last burst of flavor. 


If you have a sensitive stomach and struggle handling spices (chile powder, paprika, etc), good quality salt is all you need and will not irritate your gut. 

I recommend experimenting with all of these and find what works best with your pallet, or try the Wild Kosher Flake Salt.

Wild Kosher Flake Salt provides the beneficial nutrients of all natural sea salt in the chef's favorite kosher flake texture.

It'll quickly become the most used salt in your kitchen!

It's also an amazing source of electrolytes and used by endurance athletes to prevent cramping during competition.

Fresh pepper grinder

Similar to salt, throw out the pepper shaker and invest in a Fresh Pepper Grinder. 

A grinder should cost you no more than $20, and will allow you to grind fresh peppercorns directly onto your dishes. 

Not only will this allow your dishes to pop, there are a number of potential health benefits too.

Some of the notable benefits of fresh pepper include:

  1. Potential cancer-preventing properties
  2. Natural decongestant
  3. Aides in digestion
  4. Antibacterial
  5. Antioxidant

My recommendation it to buy whole black peppercorns or peppercorn blends. 

You simply fill them into your grinder and use them any time you are looking to season your food.

You'll be surprised how much this elevates your food compared to pre-ground pepper.

Chef's knife

A good quality knife is arguably the best investment you can make in the kitchen. 

A good knife can help to improve the way you slice, chop, carve, and peel to prepare you food. 

Also, it can save you a ton of time and effort as you easily slice through ingredients.

Cutting a piece of meat with a properly sharp knife is a game-changer. 

A good quality knife will last you years as opposed to a cheap one that you will have to replace often.

Prioritize a chef's knife in your kitchen as it is the most versatile. 

Add in some of the additions below as you increase your budget and broaden your range.

Also, invest in a knife sharpener and keep it out of drawers to preserve longevity.


Large wooden cutting board

A large wooden cutting board is worth its weight in gold. If you get one that is 2" thick (or more), it will be resistant to cracking and warping. 

Wood is also a softer surface than plastic cutting boards, which will make them gentler on knives.


In addition, the large surface area (14 x 20 inch) will allow you to chop multiple sides, vegetables, and meats without cross-contaminating. 

Having the large surface space to prep your food makes everything so much easier.

The wooding cutting board can also be used for multi-purposes. 

You can use it as a dinner plate (a steak and chopped vegetables looks fantastic on the wood) or even use it as a serving plate at a dinner party.

Try out our all new Wild Cutting and Cheese Board that you'll surely love! Wild Cutting & Cheese Board - Real Food is Medicine (

5. Cast-iron skillet

The cast-iron skillet should be your go-to pan to cook almost all of your dishes in. 

The Cast-Iron is often referred to as the workhorse of the kitchen and for good reason.


The benefit of using a cast iron pan is that it gets piping hot, unlike thinner pans. 

This makes the cast iron an ideal choice for foods that need high heat.

Steaks that need a great sear or roasts that need braising perform beautifully in a cast iron.

In addition, cast-iron pans are naturally non-stick. 

They can also easily go from stove-top to oven and vise versa. 

In addition, the very dense metal of the cast iron allows for the entire pan to heat evenly. 

Lastly, the cast iron's metal is chemical free and even add's iron to your food.

This is different than many teflon non-stick pans that contain pollutants and toxic fumes the seep into your food.

I personally cook over 90% of my meals in the cast iron because of this.


To summarize, focus on sourcing quality ingredients with excellent preparation. 

High quality salts, peppers, knives, and elite cooking preparation will be all you need to take your dishes to the next level.

Continue to iterate and stay consistent. If you want to see me breakdown more Animal-based nutrition hit the follow button @MrSollozzo and @carniclemenza

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