The Incredible Benefits of Collagen


Want radiant Skin, Hair, and Nails? You should be eating COLLAGEN. Collagen is a key protein that you are probably missing in your diet. 

There are 16 types of collagen in the human body. The vast majority of collagen in your body consist of types 1,2, and 3. It is also the greatest source of Glycine in the human diet.


There are a few incredible benefits to collagen that we will cover in this thread:

  1. Skin Benefits
  2. Helps Gut health
  3. Joint Pain
  4. Better Sleep
  5. Liver Detoxification
  6. Strengthening of Nails, Hair, Teeth

Eating meat is incredibly healthy and has been a vital part of the human diet for thousands of years. However, modern society has a flawed way of eating meat.

We prize the lean muscle and leave out crucial parts of the animal such as skin, bones, and tendons. 

Our metabolically healthy ancestors would make use of the entire animal after their kill.

They prioritized a "nose to tail" style of eating. This ensured a healthy balance of proteins, nutrients, and key amino acids. We are missing out on this by only eating lean muscle meat.

Skin Benefits

As we age, our collagen production declines. Wrinkles and less skin is noticable. Increasing collagen levels will make your skin look firmer, smoother, and help skin cells repair. 

Collagen was crucial to my own skin journey:

Studies have shown that 2.5-5g of Collagen used for 8 weeks significantly improves skin elasticity, skin moisture, dryness, and skin roughness. 

Collagen also can help to reduce cellulite and stretch marks.

Helps gut health

Collagen is instrumental to GI health. It breaks down proteins and soothes the gut's lining. It forms connective tissue that "seals and heals" the protective lining of the GI tract.

Studies have shown that patients with IBS have decrease Collagen levels.


Joint pain

Joint pain is simply caused by inflammation in the body. Collagen accumulates in the joint to build cartilage. It's smooth structure covers and holds our bones together.

As we age, we produce less collagen, leading to swollen joints and pain. Researchers found that supplementing Type 2 collagen helped patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis relive painful symptoms by decreasing swelling in joints.

Another study showed that people given Type 2 Collagen significantly improved their osteoarthritis joint pain.


Better sleep

Many people have trouble falling asleep when our body temp gets too hot. The primary amino acid in Collagen is Glycine, which cools your body down and therefore promotes better sleep.

@SolBrah has a great thread on glycine & sleep:

Liver detoxification

Collagen is required for the synthesis of bile. If we are collagen deficient, we do not produce as much bile.

This is crucial for digesting fats - particularly if you are on a low carb / high fat diet. Bile allows you to emulsify fats & digest them.


It also modulates inflammation in the liver, predominantly from overuse of alcohol.

So, if you know you are going to have some alcoholic drinks, supplementing collagen could be a fantastic option before bed as an aid.

Strengthening of nails, hair, teeth

Collagen protein is the building block of your fingernails, hair, and teeth. If you have splitting nails & peeling, this could be a sign of collagen deficiency.

Beef collagen

Beef Collagen comes from cows skin, bones, and muscles. This collagen is mostly type 1 & 3. Beef collagen is rich in Glycine and Proline and great for creatine production.

Eat beef collagen for muscle building and producing more of your own collagen.


Chicken Collagen

Chicken Collagen is abundant in Type 2 Collagen. Type 2 collagen is best for building cartilage.

Eat Chicken Cartilage for better joint health and anti-aging properties.

Egg shell collagen

Egg Collagen is found in eggshells and eggwhites. It predominantly contains Type 1 Collagen.

It provides various amino acids for building connecting tissue, healing wounds, and building muscles.

Fish collagen

Collagen from fish is easily absorbed and is mostly Type 1. Eating mosh fish collagen can help with joints, skin, organs, blood vessels, digestion, and bone health.

How to eat more collagen:

Whole-Animal Eating will help you tremendously. Focus on eating skins, tendons, ligaments, oxtails, etc.

You can gnaw on the crunchy caps at the end of chicken bones.

Chicharrones / Pork Rinds are great way to eat animal skin as well.

Drink brone broth, and lots of it

Bone broth is an amazing source of collagen. It is liquid made from boiling animal bones & collective tissues.

It is absolutely delicious and can be drank on its own or used as a base for soups, sauces, and gravies.


There are some great easy ways to make your own bone broth. There are also a number of great bone broth products that you can buy at the supermarket.

@kettleandfire and @EPICbar are two great brands. Both companies incorporate regenerative agriculture into their business.

Collagen supplements

Collagen supplementation is a great way to ensure that you hit your daily collagen needs. 

A big scoop of Wild Collagen in your morning coffee or shake is a great way to make up the deficit.


To summarize, you should be incorporating more collagen protein in your diet. Focus on eating different parts of the animal everyday. Skin, cartilage, bones, etc.

Supplement with collagen powders if needed. Do your own research. Experiment. You deserve to THRIVE!

Thanks for reading! If you want to see me breakdown more Animal-based nutrition hit the follow button. @MrSollozzo

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