How to Start the Carnivore Diet (The Noble Way)

carnivore diet

Have you ever felt trapped in a cycle of diet promises that never deliver? Break free with the carnivore diet.

Envision a world where every meal celebrates sizzling steaks, juicy roasts, and delectable seafood.

This isn't merely a diet—it's a tribute to all meat enthusiasts.

Dive into this guide and discover how to start the carnivore diet, a path to weight loss and health that's as rewarding as a perfectly seared ribeye.

Ready to trade those dieting woes for a carnivorous delight? 

Let's go!

Key Insights for a Successful Carnivore Journey

    • Listen to Your Body: Kickstart your carnivore diet by tuning into your body's hunger and energy signals. This will guide you on the right amount of meat to consume.
    • Quality Over Quantity: Aim for a daily intake of at least 2 pounds of animal-based foods. Prioritize high-quality sources like grass-fed meat and omega-3-rich fatty fish, which align with Noble Origins' mission of promoting sustainable and nutritious choices.
    • Natural Eating Patterns: Forget the clock! On the carnivore diet, it's all about genuine hunger cues. Eat when your body tells you, not when the clock does.
    • Become a Meat Maestro: Elevate your carnivore experience by mastering the art of cooking meat. This enhances flavor and ensures you reap all the nutritional benefits.
    • Diversify Your Plate: While the carnivore diet celebrates meat, include fatty fish, nutrient-packed eggs, bone marrow, and bone broth. If you're feeling adventurous, sprinkle in some low-lactose dairy for added flavor and nutrients.

    How to Start the Carnivore Diet?

    Starting the carnivore diet journey means understanding your body's needs, especially regarding meat consumption.

    It's about more than just the quantity. It's about quality and timing of your meals too.

    How much meat should you eat? 

    The carnivore diet is unique; it doesn't prescribe a fixed portion size. 

    Instead, it encourages you to listen to your body. Your hunger and energy signals will be your best guides. 

    Consider having at least 2 pounds of animal-based foods each day as a starting point. 

    Prioritize quality by choosing grass-fed meats and fatty fish, which are delicious and packed with essential nutrients. 

    Say goodbye to the hunger pangs and dissatisfaction often associated with high-carb diets. 

    The carnivore diet naturally balances your hunger hormones, ensuring you feel full and nourished without feeling deprived.

    Tune into your natural hunger with the carnivore diet 

    The carnivore diet frees you from the constraints of time and social conventions so that you can pay attention to your body's true hunger signals. 

    Wave goodbye to those pesky mid-day munchies and the outdated notion of six small meals daily. 

    You'll be satiated for extended periods with the nutrient-rich, protein-packed offerings from Noble Origins. 

    Many who embrace this meat-centric lifestyle find two hearty meals a day just right.

    Whether you're a morning person or a night owl, it's all about honoring your body's genuine hunger, not just eating out of habit.

    Master the art of cooking meat at home

    To truly savor the carnivore diet, you must become an expert in cooking meat.

    Start with the best - opt for grass-fed meats, known for their rich nutrients and robust flavors.

    • Diversify Your Cuts: Venture beyond the usual. Try ribeye steaks, pork chops, beef patties, or chicken thighs to keep your meals exciting.
    • Equip Your Kitchen: A sharp knife set and essential tools are your allies in preparing meat perfectly.
    • Begin Simply: If you're new, stick to basics like grilling or roasting. They need help to get it right.
    • Slow Cook for Tenderness: Want your meat juicy and soft? Slow cooking is your answer.
    • Mind the Cook: Avoid overcooking. Aim for medium-rare to medium-well to retain the meat's nutrients.
    • Choose Natural Fats: Cook with animal fats like lard over oils. They're not only carnivore-approved but also enhance flavor.
    • Season Thoughtfully: If you're transitioning, using basic spices like salt and pepper is okay. Just ensure they keep the meat's natural taste distinct.
    • Expand Your Palette: Don't limit yourself to muscle meat. Organ meats, especially liver, are nutrient-dense. And remember, eggs can be a delightful addition to many dishes.

    Taking control of your health begins in your kitchen; embrace home cooking to truly harness the power and purity of the carnivore diet.

      carnivore diet

      What to Eat on the Carnivore Diet

      Dive into a world where every meal celebrates pure, unadulterated meaty goodness. Prioritize quality, and let's explore the carnivore diet essentials: 

      • Grass-fed Meat: The cornerstone of the carnivore diet. Embrace the rich flavors and nutrients of premium grass-fed options like beef, lamb, and venison. 
      • Fatty Fish: Opt for salmon, sardines, and mackerel, which are not only delicious but also brimming with omega-3 fatty acids that bolster brain health and combat inflammation. 
      • Eggs: Beyond being a protein-packed delight, eggs offer a medley of vitamins and minerals. They're the perfect addition to diversify your carnivore menu. 
      • Bone Marrow: Delve into the nutrient-rich world of bone marrow, abundant in essential vitamins, minerals, and collagen. It's a must-try whether you're savoring it straight from the bone or as a base in a hearty broth. 
      • Low-lactose Dairy: For those who crave a hint of dairy, consider butter and aged cheese. They'll enhance your meals with flavor without the lactose overload.

      Remember, with Noble Origins, you're not just eating; you're embarking on a journey of taste and nutrition rooted in the primal essence of nature. 

      Choose wisely, and let every bite be a testament to quality and health.

      Foods to Avoid on the Carnivore Diet

      To truly embrace the carnivore lifestyle and reap its benefits, knowing which foods to sidestep is crucial.

      Here's a breakdown:

      • Fruits: All fruits, from bananas to berries, are a no-go. Their sugar and carb content can throw a wrench in your carnivore journey.
      • Vegetables: While veggies like broccoli and spinach are nutrient-dense, their carbs can disrupt the state of ketosis, a key to the carnivore diet's success.
      • Grains: Grains like wheat, rice, and quinoa might be staples in other diets, but they're off the table. Their high carb content can lead to inflammation.
      • Sugars: All sugars, whether natural, like honey or artificial sweeteners, can spike your blood sugar and hinder fat burning.
      • Additives: Processed foods with chemical additives don't align with the carnivore diet's clean-eating ethos. Prioritize whole meats for the best health outcomes.
      • Nuts and Seeds: Despite their health halo in other diets, their carb content makes them unsuitable for the carnivore approach.
      • Legumes: Beans and lentils, despite their fiber, are carb-heavy and thus not carnivore-friendly.
      • Low-grade Meats: Quality matters. Choose grass-fed beef over processed meats filled with additives.

      Remember, the carnivore diet is about purity and simplicity, focusing on high-quality animal products.

      Avoiding these foods ensures you stay true to this primal way of eating.

        Surviving the First Month on the Carnivore Diet

        Embarking on the carnivore diet is a transformative journey, especially during the initial month. Here's how to navigate it:

        Tune into your body's signals

        You must be in sync with your body as you transition from your previous eating habits. How do different foods impact your energy levels? 

        Are there noticeable shifts in your digestion or mood? 

        By being attentive to these nuances, you'll better understand what resonates with your unique needs. 

        Everyone's journey is distinct, so trust your instincts and adjust as needed.

        Key Benefits of the Carnivore Diet

        Embracing the carnivore diet can unlock a myriad of health benefits, from shedding those extra pounds to rejuvenating your mind.

        Dive in to discover the transformative power of this meat-centric lifestyle.

        Weight loss on the carnivore diet

        Transitioning to the carnivore diet means saying goodbye to carbs and embracing high-quality animal products.

        You enter ketosis as your body shifts from burning carbs to utilizing stored fat for energy.

        This metabolic change can result in significant weight loss over time.

        Moreover, the intake of healthy fats from animal sources nourishes your body and optimizes hormonal functions.

        Elevated testosterone levels, for instance, enhance muscle mass and strength. (1)

        Numerous individuals have celebrated their weight loss achievements on the carnivore diet.

        If you aim to shed those lingering pounds, consider this meat-centric approach your potential game-changer.

        Combat inflammation naturally

        The carnivore diet offers a unique approach to reducing Inflammation. 

        Cutting out carbohydrates and potential inflammatory agents in plant foods gives your body a chance to heal and rejuvenate. (2)

        A diet rich in high-quality animal fats and low in carbs has been linked to anti-inflammatory benefits, enhancing overall wellness. 

        Numerous carnivore enthusiasts have experienced relief from joint discomfort, swelling reduction, and digestive improvements. 

        If battling Inflammation is on your agenda, the carnivore diet is a promising ally in your health journey.

        Increased testosterone

        Fueling your body with a carnivore diet rich in wholesome fats from animal sources can enhance hormonal function, notably boosting testosterone levels.

        This isn't just a male concern; both genders can reap benefits like augmented muscle mass, vigor, vitality, and a brighter mood. (3)

        The carnivore diet champions ideal hormone synthesis by sidelining carbs and spotlighting meat's nutrient wealth, fostering equilibrium in your body.

        Research even underscores that diets richer in fats correlate with elevated testosterone compared to their low-fat counterparts.

        So, if you're hunting for a natural testosterone lift without synthetic aids, the carnivore diet beckons.

        Experience Enhanced Mental Clarity

        Dive into the Carnivore Diet and unlock a world of heightened brain function and laser-sharp concentration. 


        By bidding farewell to carbohydrates and embracing the nourishing fats from premium animal sources. (4)

        Cutting out carbs can supercharge your mental performance, allowing you to stay alert and focused all day. 

        Moreover, the rich fats in our select animal products deliver vital nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12, both champions for brain health. 

        Ready to elevate your cognitive prowess? Let the carnivore diet be your guide.

        Considerations for the Carnivore Diet

        Are you ready to start the carnivore diet?

        Here's what you need to keep at the forefront of your mind: This diet is a deep dive into meat, sidelining all plant foods. 

        It's not for everyone, and that's okay. Your body, your rules. 

        Ditching carbs means you need to be extra vigilant about your nutrition. 

        Diversify your animal products to ensure you're getting all the essential nutrients. (5)

        And if you're unsure, consider supplements. 

        Noble Origins offers a range of high-quality supplements tailored to complement the carnivore diet, ensuring you get all the nutrients you need. 

        Quality is king. 

        Always opt for the best meat you can afford - think grass-fed and organic. 

        It's not just about taste; it's about nourishing your body. 

        Preparation is half the battle. Plan your meals, prep in advance, and make your carnivore journey smooth sailing. 

        And remember, while many sing praises of the carnivore diet, always consult with a healthcare professional before making a drastic change. 

        Your health is worth that extra step. 


        Starting the carnivore diet is akin to venturing into a new world filled with challenges and rewards.

        This isn't just about changing your diet; it's about adopting a lifestyle and prioritizing your health and well-being.

        Your journey will require patience, adaptability, and a keen ear for your body's signals.

        But fear not, for you're not alone.

        Noble Origins stands by your side, offering products tailored to complement and elevate your carnivore experience.

        Are you prepared to embrace this transformative journey?

        Dive into the Noble Origins collection and fortify your carnivore endeavors with our premium offerings.

        With each step, you're nurturing your health and contributing to a sustainable future for our planet.

        Together, let's carve a path to wellness and sustainability.


        What is the Carnivore Diet and How Does It Work?

        The Carnivore Diet is a restrictive plan that only includes animal foods and products. This means no fruits, vegetables, or any other plant-based foods are consumed. The diet emphasizes high-protein foods like meat, fish, eggs, and dairy, and eliminates carbohydrates.

        What are the Steps to Start a Carnivore Diet?

        Starting a carnivore diet involves a few key steps. First, commit to a time frame of at least 30 to 60 days. Stock up on fatty meats and other animal products. Maintain a routine of eating three meals per day, focusing on meat only. Drink mainly water and eat until you're satisfied. It's also recommended to join a carnivore diet community for support and guidance.

        How Effective is the Carnivore Diet for Weight Loss?

        The carnivore diet can lead to weight loss due to its high-protein content and the elimination of carbohydrates. However, individual results may vary depending on factors like calorie intake, metabolism, and overall lifestyle habits.

        Is the Carnivore Diet Safe in Terms of Nutrition?

        While the carnivore diet can provide nutrients from animal sources, it lacks essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other beneficial compounds found in plant-based foods. Long-term adherence to this restrictive diet may increase risks for nutrient deficiencies if not adequately planned or supplemented.

        What are Some Tips for Starting the Carnivore Diet?

        When starting the carnivore diet, it's beneficial to meal prep and save money by buying in bulk. It's also recommended to start with a strict carnivore diet for at least 60 days. After this period, you can add specific foods to test how your body responds.

        Related Studies
        1. A study published on Fatherly claims that the carnivore diet can lead to significant weight loss over time as the body shifts from burning carbohydrates to stored fat for energy, a process known as ketosis.
        2. A study published on Selfdecode suggests that by eliminating carbohydrates and other potentially inflammatory ingredients found in plant foods, the carnivore diet can help reduce chronic inflammation.
        3. A study publised on Selfdecode asserts that a carnivore diet high in healthy fats from animal sources can increase testosterone levels and improve hormonal function.
        4. A study published on Selfdecode says that the carnivore diet can improve brain function and concentration by reducing carbohydrate intake and focusing on healthy animal fats.
        5. A study published on Fatherly states that it's essential to ensure a balanced nutritional profile while following the carnivore diet. It suggests incorporating various animal products and potentially considering supplementation to fill any nutrient gaps.
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