We are the fattest in recorded history. Here's why.

We are the fattest we have ever been in recorded history


We outsource our meals to companies who are purely profit-driven.

They optimize profits by combining corn, wheat, soy, and sugar in the form of processed foods.

A small number of companies control 33,000 products that you will find in your average grocery store.


4 Beef Packers control 80-90% of all meat you are consuming.

They are able to undercharge the rancher who is raising your beef and overcharge you as the consumer.

Our grocery store has no concept of seasonality.

Due to Mono-cropping, we can grow any fruit & vegetable at any time throughout the year.

We no longer listen to nature.

We have replaced healthy cooking fats like ghee, butter, tallow, and lard with inflammatory & ultra-processed seed oils.

They are found in pretty much every sauce, dressing, marinade, and deep frier.


We demonize Saturated Fat and have removed it from almost all our foods.

"Fat-Free" is a symbol of health.

Instead, we have replaced the fat with ultra-processed sugars and carbohydrates.

Our government incentivizes farmers to grow corn, wheat, and soy which fuel the industrial food complex.

Subsidies for these 3 commodities alone are over $200 Billion since 1995.


We forced our small farms to "go big or go home" in 1971.

This led to further centralization of our food system.

Our pharmaceutical companies control our food supply.

Bayer owns Monsanto who controls 80% of all genetically modified seeds.

Western Medicine has become focused on reactive treatment as opposed to preventative solutions.

Many doctors are now legalized pill dealers. Doctors wrote more than 4 billion prescriptions last year alone.

We ban products like Raw Milk, claiming risk of bacterial infection yet we allow products like this to be sold to our children in supermarkets.

We have selective bias when it comes to health.


We demonize products like beef, claiming that they are nutritionally & environmentally detrimental.

The average American only eats 2g of beef per day despite its incredible nutrient density.

We have allowed religious organizations like the Seven Day Adventists to quietly influence our nutritional policy.

Their entire policy is based off of the "Garden of Eden" Diet, which came to Ellen White in a "vision."


We feed our children products like this prior to going to school.

Not a surprise that there is an increased risk of fatty liver disease with our children.


Humans are moving less than any time in recorded history.

The average American only walks 3,000 - 4,000 steps per day.

I write this article not to be negative but to list out the factors that are currently fueling this metabolic crisis.

We must return back to our roots. Here are some basic principles for you to follow immediately:

  1. Eat real foods (meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, raw dairy, honey)
  2. Cook all of your meals
  3. Cook with healthy oils & fats
  4. Source from your local farmer


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