The Ultimate Animal-Based Protein Shake Recipe (Great for The Carnivore Diet)


It's often more difficult to hit your protein goals when you're eating clean, whole foods.

If you're incorporating intermittent fasting into your program, you might default to eating much less protein than you realize.

They say men should aim for 1 gram per pound of body weight and .75 for women.

For a 175 male, that's 175g of protein. Over three meals that breaks down to 58g of protein per meal.

If you're eating two meals, that's 87g of protein per meal.

If you're doing OMAD (one meal a day), well, good luck at eating 175g in one sitting!

Both sexes typically undereat protein.

Enter the animal-based protein shake: a perfect solution to adding a healthy—and hefty—dose of protein to your daily routine.

You can make this more or less carnivore based on your current dietary restrictions. If you typically skip breakfast, this is an excellent morning option, and coffee makes a delicious base and raw milk.

The Role of Protein in the Carnivore Diet

Protein is the cornerstone of the carnivore diet. It provides essential elements for muscle maintenance, overall well-being, and sustained energy.

Protein plays a crucial role in satiety in a carnivore diet, helping individuals feel full and satisfied after meals. Since carbohydrates are significantly restricted, the body relies on fat for energy, making protein even more critical in the daily diet.

Meat and dairy contain crucial amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. These sources ensure that followers of the carnivore diet receive all the necessary nutrients for optimal health.

The benefits of an Animal-Based shake

Incorporating animal-based protein shakes into your carnivore diet can be a game-changer. These shakes offer the convenience of a quick and easy meal while packing a punch in terms of nutrient density.

A protein shake can help meet daily protein goals, which can be challenging if you're not eating many (or any) plant-based foods.

It's essential to choose high-quality, nutrient-dense options like Noble beef protein, a high-quality whey protein, and local pastured eggs and dairy.

The Ultimate Animal-Based Protein Shake (Carnivore Diet Friendly)


  1. Blend all ingredients until smooth, adjusting sweetness and consistency to your preference.

Shake upgrades:

    • Collagen Peptides
    • Pinch of Pink Salt
    • Raw Cocoa (for chocolate lovers)
    • Honey or Maple Syrup 
    • Strawberries or Frozen Mixed Berries
    • 1/2 Avocado (for added creaminess)
    • A Pinch of Cinnamon

    Customizing your protein shake

    Try different ingredients and amounts to find your perfect animal-based shake! 

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