The Incredible Benefits of Bovine Colostrum


This liquid is 100x more powerful than milk

Yes, we are talking Colostrum.

For starters, Colostrum is the earliest milk produced from mammals to nourish their babies.

As the baby is just born, the Colostrum possesses an incredibly unique blend of essential nutrients for the newborn baby.

Humans produce this, and so do mammals like Cows (Bovine).

There are two types of colostrum consumption:

  1. Homologous - Natural transfer of colostrum from mother to baby
  2. Heterologous - Transfer of species from one species to another.

We are learning that there are some incredible benefits to humans ingesting the bovine version


Since the calf is fragile and needs to grow, the mother's milk will naturally be far more nutrient dense to give the calf what it needs to sustain its life.

Colostrum provides a huge surge of immunity & antibodies to the baby to ensure is not as exposed to disease & infection.

In many different cultures and regions, Bovine Colostrum has been consumed as a potent health food.

I visited a local raw dairy farm that had multiple anecdotal stories of customers healing chronic diseases and cancer from consuming this milk.

We are learning that Bovine Colostrum has many other potent health properties, notably:

  • Nutrient Density
  • Lowers Inflammation
  • Gut Health
  • Athletic Performance

We will cover all of these in detail.

Nutrient density

Bovine Colostrum contains high levels of fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins that are essential for our human health.

Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K

Below shows Colostrum (L) vs. Regular Milk (R)


Colostrum also contains several important minerals at far higher concentrations than regular milk.

Calcium: for bone & dental health

Phosphorus: For metabolic rate and protein synthesis

Also Magnesium, Selenium, and Zinc

Below shows Colostrum (L) vs. Regular Milk (R)

Lastly, the protein content in Colostrum is 15% higher than Mature milk, which is 3%
Colostrum has 2 primary types of protein:
  • Casein - Contains peptides that promote healthy digestion and regulate immune system
  • Whey - Rich in amino acids


    Lowers inflammation

    Bovine Colostrum is particularly high in lactoferrin, which is an inflammation moderator that plays a role in lowering the pro-inflammatory Cytokine IL-6.

    Doctors will test lactoferrin levels in patient's stool to diagnose C. diff and IBS.

    In addition, many patients that have suffered from Crohn's and Colitis like myself have noted potent benefits from supplementing with Bovine Colostrum in their diet.

    Gut & GI healing 

    For anyone that is suffering from pain, bloating, and general stomach discomfort, Colostrum could be a great supplement for you.

    The gut microbiome is home to literally trillions of bacteria, fungi and viruses and must maintain a healthy balance.

    Colostrum is a fantastic source of Oligosaccharides, which acts as a prebiotic in your digestive tract and positive impacts your digestion and gut microbiome.

    Also, Lactoferrin also acts as a prebiotic and aides in the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

    Ben Greenfield has spoken about his own positive experiences using bovine colostrum to help with Gut distress during his days of racing Ironman Triathlons and Spartan Races.


    Athletic performance

    Studies have shown that Bovine Colostrum can reduce Oxidative stress & overall damage to muscles from exercising.

    Other studies have shown that 8 weeks of bovine colostrum increased lean muscle mass and overall athletic performance.

    Sourcing colostrum

    The best source of Colostrum is directly from your local farmer. You can leverage websites like Get Raw Milk connect with your local dairy farmer to see if they also carry Colostrum.

    They almost always sell it frozen.

    If you are unable to connect with a local farmer, there are a number of great companies that make quality dried Colostrum powders & supplements you can take.

    A few brands I trust are Kion & Ancestral Supplements.

    Online sites like Dutch Meadows farm also allow you to order Colostrum and other animal-based products directly off their website.

    I haven't personally used them but have heard great things. 


    Please note: 

    Bovine Colostrum is only sold to the public when the mother creates excess milk that is not consumed by the baby.

    In no circumstances are we stealing this from the baby.

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