4 Simple Ways to Eat More Beef Liver

If you are interested in the esoteric health space at all, you have probably heard about the incredible benefits of eating beef liver & organ meats.


They are truly some of the most nutrient-dense foods you can put into your body.

When we talk to many people about eating organs however, they are squeamish about eating it raw or even the bitter taste that liver can have.


This aversion to liver meat is preventing them from experiencing the incredible benefits that liver has to offer.

In this quick post, we are going to go give you 4 different ways to easily incorporate liver into your diet.

1. Desiccated Organ Capsules or powder

    This is the most convenient option for those looking to quickly mix in liver into their diet. The capsules are "desiccated," which means they have been frozen, dried, and placed into capsule-form.

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    2. Frozen Liver Bites

    Another easy technique to slonk liver is in the form of Frozen Liver Bites. Simply buy your liver, chop them up into small bite-sized squares, and then freeze them in a glass container.

      When you are ready to consume: Take out your 3 ounce serving and swallow them like pills with your water or beverage of choice.

      This technique gives you all of the taste benefits of desiccated capsules but the nutrients are in tact. This method is also very cheap.

      3. Ancestral Ground Beef

        There are multiple farms that make a delicious "Ancestral" Ground Beef for you to get in your daily serving of liver and organs.

        Farms like TruBeef, Roam Ranch, etc. will grind liver and organs of choice into their ground beef mince so it is blended in.


        When cooked together you cannot taste the organ meat at all.

        It tastes like you eating delicious, satiating ground beef but receive all of the benefits to organ meats.

        If you go to a farmer's market, often the ranchers there will offer some ancestral blend options. Just ask!

        4. The Classic "Liver and Onions"

            Liver and Onions is a legitimate delicacy when cooked properly.

            The issue is that most people overcook their liver which leaves that very pungent and distinct smell that overcooked liver is associated with.


            Recipes like below ensure that you can turn cooked liver into a delicious dish.

            Soaking the liver in milk (preferably raw milk) will pull out the bitter taste.

            The browned onions combined with the butter are so delicious. 

            The secret here is to not overcook the liver. Medium-Rare for a doneness level max!

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