These 10 videos completely changed the way I thought about nutrition.

10 Videos That Completely Changed My Thoughts About Nutrition

They also exponentially improved my health.

Dr. Anthony Chaffee - Plants are trying to kill you

View time: 29 minutes | Topics: Plant toxicity

Nina Teicholz - Vegetable Oils, the Untold story

View time: 36 minutes | Topics: Seed oil prevalence in western diets, benefits of animal fats, financial ties between Proctor & Gamble and the American Heart Association

Jordan Peterson - Carnivore Diet Cured his Depression

View time: 28 minutes | Topics: Eating just meat & water, carnivore removal diets, diets that can be used to cure depression & anxiety, why we are eating too many carbohydrates

Fat Fiction

View time: 1 hour, 42 minutes (free full documentary on youtube) | Topics: Saturated Fat is good for you, why we demonize fat, why sugar & carbohydrates should be avoided 

Mikhaila Peterson - TED Talk - "Don't eat that"

View time: 10 minutes | Topics: Lion All-Meat Diet, Curing Autoimmunity through removal diets

Dr. Robert Kiltz - The Human Ferrari

View time: 18 minutes | Topics: We humans are more similar to lions than pigs, the benefits of animal protein, why we need to be treating our bodies like ferraris

Jordan Rubin - 10 Keys to Conquer Crohn's & Colitis

View time: 42 minutes | Topics: Healing IBS naturally, bone broth, probiotics

Mark Sisson - Should I go primal or keto? 

View time: 5 minutes | Topics: Keto diets, metabolic flexibility, eating for longevity

Robb Wolf - Why Quitting Junk Food is so hard 

View time: 10 minutes | Topics: Big Food, Food scientists, why & how junk food is addicting

Stan Efferding - Is RED MEAT Bad for you?

View time: 12 minutes | Topics: Micronutrient density of red meat, dispelling myths around cholesterol & heart disease
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